Home » Thermal Label » 500pcs 100*150mm 4x6 Thermal Label Waybill Sticker A6 Thermal Paper Barcode Thermal Label Sticker Roll

500pcs 100*150mm 4x6 Thermal Label Waybill Sticker A6 Thermal Paper Barcode Thermal Label Sticker Roll

Industry attributes:
  1. ​​​​​​Industrial Use  :Business&Shopping
  2. Usage :adhesive express barcode label
  3. Custom Order :Accept
  4. Product name : 4x6 Thermal Label
  5. Size : 4"x6", 100mm*150mm
  6. Weight  : 1kg
  7. Adhesive : Hot glue
  8. Packaging Details : plastic bags, carton, pallet,speedpost barcode & sticker Airway bill in continuous or cut-sheets 1000 pcs/ shrink bag, 1 shrink bag/ctn, 50 ctns/pallet with shrink wrap.
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Video Description

                  Custom 4X6 Thermal Label Waybill Sticker A6 Thermal Paper                                               Barcode Thermal Label Sticker Roll

Products Descriptio:

Product Name
Thermal Paper Adhesive Sticker
White, Yellow, Blue or Customized
Shipping Labels
Top layer
Tri-proof thermal paper
Bottom layer
General Hot Glue
Use Temperature
Product description
This product is made of general hot glue, with high initial adhesion, holding force, 90° peeling force, and certain low temperature resistance. The thermal surface material has excellent waterproof, oilproof and alcoholproof effects, does not consume ink or toner, and prints clearly.

Printing and processing
The product can be used for printing by most conventional printing methods. Due to the heat-sensitive nature of the product, process environments exceeding 50°C should be avoided. Inks containing alcohol or volatile organic solvents may cause damage to the heat-sensitive layer. For flexographic printing, UV or water-based inks and varnishes are recommended. It is recommended to test the ink before printing. The product can be used for non-direct contact labeling applications for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Storage and preservation
The product should be kept away from long-term exposure to an environment above 50°C or direct sunlight. In the case of temperature 23±2℃ and relative humidity 50±5%, the validity period is 1 year. Products that exceed the expiration date can still be used after passing the inspection.

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