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Backness Paper Labels

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As we all know, the traditional sticker label is composed of surface material + base paper.  When using, the surface material will be removed from the base paper and pasted to the material, very convenient.  But after the surface material is pasted to the paste, the base paper has no use value, which not only causes a waste of resources, but also causes environmental pollution. Every year, the landfill coated silicon release base paper or film will reach billions of tons, which runs counter to the current environmental protection concept of green printing.  In order to solve this problem, label manufacturers through the improvement of process and technology, and eventually invented a self-adhesive label without base paper, lower carbon and more environmental protection -- backness paper label.  

The usage of traditional label surface material and base paper is basically 1:1 (mainly refers to the two-layer label, except the three-layer express electronic surface sheet). Removing the base paper means that raw materials can be directly reduced by half.  Considering that anti-stick silicone oil and glue can not be reduced, comprehensive calculation, a backness paper sticker can save 30% of the material cost;  The cost of storage and transportation is almost 50% less;  The number of a roll of labels is doubled, and the time for stopping and changing the roll is reduced by half in the labeling process, effectively improving the number of labeling per unit time;  More importantly, it eliminates the cost and environmental pollution caused by traditional label treatment of waste base paper.  


Label is a ubiquitous product in life. With the maturity of backness paper label technology, its application field will be more and more extensive.  In addition to the traditional two layers of label can be changed to single backness paper label, three layer electronic single also can remove the bottom paper, with the development of electronic commerce, this part of the demand is more and more big, according to estimates, "double a" during 2017, China produced more than 1.5 billion packages, such as using the backness electronic paper plane, can save at least 1.5 billion electronic surface at the bottom of the paper.  


Jiuheng, as a leading enterprise in the material industry of e-commerce logistics operation, is committed to the lightweight, recycling, innovation and substitution of logistics packaging, and continues to increase investment in the research and development of new materials and technologies. At present, jiuheng has the mature technology and supporting equipment for the production of backness paper labels.  Welcome interested parties to consult.  

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