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85g Yellow Pek Silicon Coated Release Paper For Sticker

Function and introduction of PEK release paper
PEK release paper is a special industrial paper with many special functions and uses. The following is the function and introduction of PEK release paper:

Separation function: PEK release paper is mainly used to prevent material adhesion during industrial production processes. When used on the mold, it can effectively separate the mold and the product, prevent adhesion, and remove the finished product conveniently and quickly.

High temperature resistance: PEK release paper is generally able to withstand high temperatures, so it can still maintain its separation function in high temperature environments. This allows it to be used in various high-temperature processing processes, such as injection molding, die casting, etc.

Corrosion resistance: PEK release paper has excellent corrosion resistance and can prevent damage caused by some chemicals. This allows it to be widely used in industrial areas that require contact with chemical substances.

Flatness and smoothness: PEK release paper usually has very good flatness and smoothness, which helps to improve the surface finish and quality of the product. It acts as a protective layer to prevent products from being scratched or deformed.

Reusability: PEK release paper can be used multiple times, which is very economical and environmentally friendly. After the adhered object is removed, it can be properly cleaned and processed before being used again.

All in all, PEK release paper is an industrial paper with the functions of separation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flatness and smoothness, and reusability. It is widely used in various industrial production processes to improve production efficiency and product quality.
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Video description:

Industry-specific attributes:

Item Yellow Silicon coating Release Paper For Label
Width Size 1030mm,1090mm,1400mm,1530mm,1620mmcustomized according to customers
Industrial Use Packaging & Advertising
Paper Type One Side Silicone Coating Release Paper Liner
Usage Advertising Sticker
Silicone Type 85g Yellow Pek silicon coated release paper for sticker
Thickness 50um~150u,mcustomized according to customers
Weight 40g~160g,customized according to customers
PE coating 11~18g,customized according to customers
Release Force 5~30g,customized according to customers
Feature Moisture Proof
Pulp Material
Wood Pulp
Coating Coated
Coating Material PE
Custom Order Accept
Color White, Yellow, Brown
Packing Kraft paper wrapped inside,PP woven bag outside
MOQ 5Tons
Packaging Details Jumbo Roll
Supply Ability 500 Ton/Tons per Month

Product Description:

Our Advantages:

For base paper, some is made from 100% wood pulp ,but some is made from recycled & mixed pulp;The paper color is usually a little darker for recycled & mixed pulp ,amd with worse performance in stiffness.

After even & higher PE and silicon coating on the base paper,the release paper become more glossy & stronger.

It is easy to be attached dust during PE and silicon coating process in the dusty workshop,thus will affect the release force.

Product packaging:

Jumbo roll Package.

Company Information:

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Q: Can you provide Free Samples for test?

A: Yes, we can provide Free Samples for customers reference, but frieght collected.

Q: How is the product pricing and how to inquiry price?

A: We pricing the products according to the customers' request about Material, Printing, Application and Packing.

Q: How long does the products delivery time?

A:  20 workdays after the Deposit received.

Q: If the prodcuts have some quality issures, how will you deal with it?

A:  1) Determine the cause of the problem

2) Provide the reasonable solution to customer

3) Undertake the corresponding compensation


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